Sunday, November 30, 2014

C4T #4 Summary

     For this round of C4T, I chose the blog Two Writing Teachers.  My first comment was on a post called Biographies: Making Connections by Dana Murphy, which was about the use of biographies in education.  The post also detailed the subtle nuances that go into writing a nonfictional biography such as the ability to create a gripping story while still maintaining the truth.  My comment consisted of me congratulating Mrs. Murphy on the use of biographies as reading is a sadly dying pass time.
     The second comment was on a post titled Note-Taking: A Writing Genre Worthy of a Curriculum of Its Own by Anna Gratz Cockerille.  The post itself consisted of a description of the types of note-taking and their ratings of use.  It also detailed a plan with which to teach the skill of note-taking to students of any age group, and my comment essentially stated my enthusiasm for the entire process.  I have found that the skill of taking notes is one that many college Freshman must pick up quickly in order to prevent a poor grade.

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