Sunday, November 30, 2014

Blog Post #5 Part B

     During my time in EDM310, I can honestly say that I have watched my PLN grow from near nonexistence to quite a solid foundation as I begin my venture into the profession of teaching.  At first, it began with nothing more than a few sites assembled on Symbaloo and a fledgling blog, but now it is has blossomed into a full grown powerhouse.  Where there were once only a few posts on my blog there are now a whopping 36, which does not include this one, and I now have a variety of teacher blogs that I check in on from time to time as well as a variety of YouTube channels that I keep up with.
     I remember thinking at the beginning of this semester that I would probably make a few new connections, but I had no idea that this much progress would be made.  Also, I didn't realize the incredible impact that these resources would have on the way that I research and communicate.  In addition to the digital strides within my PLN, I've also managed to create some avenues at the high school that I used to attend in the form of two mentors that have been quite helpful in the beginning of my quest to become a teacher.
     All in all, I am quite happy with the progress that my PLN has made, and I am excited to see where it will end up.  In celebration of this fact I have posted a painting called the Tree of Life by FerdinandLadera.

Painting of the Tree of Life

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