Sunday, August 31, 2014

Blog Post #2

     The central message of Mr. Dancealot is the importance of fitting the style of
education to the subject being taught. It is painfully obvious that the subject of dance
could not be effectively taught within a lecture setting. However, I do not believe that
this point should discount the tried and true Platonic method of imparting knowledge
through dialectic reasoning. In conclusion, I do agree with the author of the video
because she makes a valid argument that some subjects must be taught through a more
interactive medium and not just lecture.

Teaching in the 21st Century

A.What teaching used to be.
1.Roberts points out that the original role of the teacher was to be a metaphorical
wellspring of knowledge.
2.This role was fulfilled by the teaching of the facts and rules that govern the world around
3.This used to be acceptable as much of a child's learning was done at school.
B.What teaching is in the 21st century.
1.Roberts then went on to point out that just as the world has changed with the almost
exponential growth of technology so to has the role of the teacher.
2.No longer is it the teacher's job to be the fountain of intelligence as children are
capable of learning not just at school but anywhere thanks to the advent of the internet
and smartphones.
3.Instead it is now the teacher's role to teach the student how to use this vast
myriad of tools that are at his disposal.

     In essence I do believe that Mr. Roberts is correct. I think that the ignominy
attached to technology needs to be lifted so that a whole new wave of learning and
intellectualism can be born from the vast amounts of knowledge that are literally a few
scant keystrokes away.

     In response to Mrs. Wendy Drexler's Networked Student, I do believe that a networked
student is in fact the start to creating an intellectual free thinker, which can indeed be a
powerful thing. It all harkens back to the age old proverb of teaching a man to fish or
giving him a fish. In essence, by teaching a student to network and acting mainly as a
source of guidance or moderator, you teach that student to gather and evaluate
information on his own. This skill is something that many unfortunately lack
in this day and age.

     I believe that Ms. Vicki Davis proves an excellent point in her video
Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts, and she makes it eloquently. The skills
of collaboration and experimentation are large milestones within education.
I also agree with her views on teachers not needing to know everything as well. I have
always been under the impression that to truly live life one must be always be willing
to learn.

     In regards to the Learning Race, the leaders are any individuals who can take
it upon themselves to learn and adapt with the advancement of technology. I have always
subscribed to the fact that if you keep an open mind you are likely to learn something.
Also, it is important to note that many of my age group are indeed technologically
proficient as we have taken it upon ourselves to learn the new mediums for data transfer
and creative thought,and I feel that I myself am in a leading position in the learning

     I am familiar with the concept of Flipping the Classroom. I also believe that yes
teaching students how to use technology and think for themselves at a higher level leads
the limitless potential that everyone has for learning and thought. I am quite sure
this will be much more of a common practice by the time I enter the classroom as a teacher.

The Painting The School of Athens

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Blog Post #1

     To be quite honest I have heard very little in regards to EDM310, and I can quite honestly
say that I have no distinct fears of EDM310. If anything I am quite excited about the
opportunity to stretch my limbs considering that this class seems intent on "breaking the
mold" so to speak. In reference to other classes that I have taken during my time as a
student, EDM310 is without a doubt the most technologically involved of any class that I
have participated in so far. I have had blended classes before while at South Alabama, but
this is the first class in which I have had to set up a Blogger account. To further compound
on this aspect I believe that the most difficult part of EDM310 will be making sure that no
assignments are allowed to slip through the metaphorical slats, and I suppose that the
solution to my "Gordian Knot" is to check the master checklist as well as the class blog on a
daily basis. I cannot really say that I have any vital questions about EDM310. I guess I
do have a vague curiosity as to how deep we will venture into coding.

     On a wholly different note I hate to leave you with only my musings about this course, so
please enjoy this lovely landscape painting titled Waterfall by the talented 77chen.

Image of a lanscape painting titled Waterfall

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Practice Blog Post


A. My life in general
1. My family
2. Where I've lived
3. High school experiences

B. My interests
1. Tabletop Gaming
2. Reading
3. Writing

C. My goal of teaching
1. Why I chose South Alabama
2. My swap to English and Education
3. Theories on Education

I come from a traditional southern family that has had ties to the profession of
education since the 1940s. As such, I've live in the rural town of Hurley, Mississippi
for my entire life. Being from a small, rural town, my experience at East Central High
school was the standard affair consisting of making a few timeless friends and learning
some life lessons along the way. I suppose this status quo high school experience may have
been the subtle nudge that pushed me into the field of education. I remember wanting to
make classes more memorable and interactive.

Since I come from a small town such as Hurley I spent most of my time hanging out with
close friends playing some form of tabletop game such as Risk, Talisman, or
Dungeons & Dragons. We would stay up into the wee hours of the morning laughing and just
enjoying the game and each other's company. I believe that these memories that I have
of board gaming are what led to my love for the theories of gamifying education. However,
when not among friends I usually spent my time reading the fantasy greats such as Stephen
King, J.R.R. Tolkien, or George MacDonald. I would spend hours pouring over their works
and experiencing adventures and realms that are only possible through the pages of books
and one's imagination. This proclivity for devouring literature inevitably led to my desire
to be a published writer one day. Thus, I usually spend my spare time writing and editing
my work. Currently, I am working on a fantasy novel titled The Shepherd and the Succubus
that advocates the importance of free thought and acceptance.

In reference to my choice of schools, I chose South Alabama because they had an excellent
Biomedical Sciences program. I know that its an odd qualifier for an education major,
but I was originally a Biomedical Sciences Major. My swap to English and Education
was spurred on by a moment of catharsis that I experienced during last semester. I realized
that even though I was skilled in the scientific fields I was not happy with the idea of my
future career. I also believed that I could make a difference in the field of education
by implementing theories such as gamifying education and encouraging free thinking within
the classroom. On a separate note I believe that the job of the modern educator is to
prepare their students to both think freely for themselves and be proficient with the
ever field of technology.

Drawing of a Dungeons & Dragons party