Sunday, August 24, 2014

Blog Post #1

     To be quite honest I have heard very little in regards to EDM310, and I can quite honestly
say that I have no distinct fears of EDM310. If anything I am quite excited about the
opportunity to stretch my limbs considering that this class seems intent on "breaking the
mold" so to speak. In reference to other classes that I have taken during my time as a
student, EDM310 is without a doubt the most technologically involved of any class that I
have participated in so far. I have had blended classes before while at South Alabama, but
this is the first class in which I have had to set up a Blogger account. To further compound
on this aspect I believe that the most difficult part of EDM310 will be making sure that no
assignments are allowed to slip through the metaphorical slats, and I suppose that the
solution to my "Gordian Knot" is to check the master checklist as well as the class blog on a
daily basis. I cannot really say that I have any vital questions about EDM310. I guess I
do have a vague curiosity as to how deep we will venture into coding.

     On a wholly different note I hate to leave you with only my musings about this course, so
please enjoy this lovely landscape painting titled Waterfall by the talented 77chen.

Image of a lanscape painting titled Waterfall

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