Sunday, October 5, 2014

Blog Post #7

     While analyzing myself and my understanding of the uses of technology in the field of education, I could not determine any true weaknesses.  I feel that I am quite well rounded in the sense of learning how to operate and apply new technologies be they simply new forms of media transfer or wholly new systems.  I believe I have this proclivity due to the nature of my upbringing as my parents felt it necessary that I learn to type and operate a computer at a young age.  Due to this early and frequent access to technology, I am able to adapt quickly to any variation of digital device.
     I found the videos quite interesting as they mostly addressed the various new methods of digital information transfer.  Personally, I found the How To Make An Audio QRCode. video to be the most interesting as I have always been interested in the use of QR codes and their potential.  The idea of using captured audio to reinforce a child's reading in such a way is quite innovative.  Mrs. Ginger Tuck and Mrs. Shirley both do a fantastic job of illustrating the various uses of iPads for the lower grade levels in iPad Reading CenterPoplet With Ginger TuckAVL and Kindergarten Students, and Tammy Shirley Discovery Education Board Builder Moon Project.  Of course, Mrs. Tassin's students prove their mettle in Mrs. Tassin 2nd Grade students share Board Builder Project and Mrs. Tassin students share Board Builder Project by presenting the Board Builder projects that they were able to create using their iPads.  Then the conversational videos Using iMovie and the Alabama Virtual Library in Kindergarten and We All Become Learners bring the various successes of young students with these programs to the forefront.
     All in all, I would say that the up and coming generation as a whole will no doubt have a familiarity with technology.  This however does not discount my age group who grew with the advancement of the digital age as opposed to being born with it already  readily available.  Growth and innovation do not leave anyone behind, but some people just choose not to participate.  In recognition of this my picture is that of a clock to symbolize the eternal march of time.

A photograph of an ornate clock.


  1. Hunter, it is great you are so confident in your knowledge about technology. I had some difficulties in EDM310 when I first started, however, I have adapted easily to the technology. I agree with you that the "up and coming generation as a whole will no doubt have a familiarity with technology" and I think it can be a great thing and great tool for students in the classroom.