Sunday, September 28, 2014

C4K Summary September

     In my first C4K assignment, I was assigned a seventh grade girl named Lizara from Auckland, New Zealand, and her most recent post was titled Our MTV: Lizara, Quasia and Nikki.  With the post was a small music video of which the main point was the subject of unrequited love.  I personally was quite impressed by the fact that children so young were able to analyze such a complex topic that even some cannot approach intellectually.

     My second assignment had me commenting on a young man by the name of Tatum B.'s post.  This young South African fifth grader's topic of discussion was that of Elephant Whispering, and suffice to say little Tatum's empathy towards the elephants was quite remarkable.  I wholly believe that young Tatum will indeed leave a positive mark on the world.

     The third and final C4K assignment for this month led me to fifth grade Tori from a Massachusetts' blog.  Her post was an interesting story in which a young girl named Pepper was inwardly debating whether or not to get a pet crocodile or a light-up pillow.  Frankly, Tori's ability to construct a story in which a character carries on an inner dialogue is a testament of skill and ability.  Within my comment, I enclosed my advice on the crocodile/ pillow dilemma stating that pillows tend to bite less than crocodiles.

     All in all, I was quite impressed with the skills and abilities of children so young, and I am quite looking forward to the following C4K assignments.

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