Sunday, September 28, 2014

Blog Post #6

     It is quite clear that Mr. Capps is certainly full of useful information regarding the ins and outs of project based learning (PBL), and I can say that I learned quite a few things from listening to Dr. Strange's and Mr. Capps' dialogue.
     Aside from the validity of PBL, which was discussed thoroughly in the videos Project Based Learning: Experiences of a 3rd Grade Teacher Part 1 and Project Based Learning: Experiences of a 3rd Grade Teacher Part 2, I also learned a great deal about a program named iCurio in the video titled iCurio: Conversations with Anthony.  The program itself is somewhat similar to an intranet encyclopedia program that has vetted and appropriate sources at the ready, but it takes this principle to another level in the sense that iCurio uses actual websites that have been reviewed and judged appropriate and scholarly.  In addition to this, the program also carries the functionality of using both audio and video and not just text.
     Another important point that was made was the emphasis on experience being a teacher by itself.  In the video, Use Tech Don'tTeachIt Anthony070113, the idea of letting students teach themselves through the process of trial and error.  I myself can vouch for this as it is my method for learning new programs and and any form of technology really, because by using it either correctly or incorrectly you have gained experience with that particular piece of hardware or software.
     All in all, I would say that Mr. Capps is an educator that will no doubt influence his students in a positive manner and push them forward in education using PBL.  In closing, I will leave you with a drawing entitled infinity by H.B. to represent the places attainable once the door of education has been properly opened.
A drawing of doors opening into infinity.


  1. Hey Hunter! I thought your blog post was very insightful and well written. It highlighted the topics you found to be most useful in their conversations. I also found Mr. Capps and Dr. Stranges' conversations to be very helpful and knowledgeable. I also really liked the image you chose. When I first saw it I wasn't sure how it had anything to do with the topic but then I read your explanation it all made sense and was a great representation. Hope you have a wonderful and successful semester!

    Callie Barton

  2. I really like how you tied your picture into the possibilities that technology can open up.