Sunday, September 14, 2014

C4T #1 Summary

     For my first C4T assignment, I was given Ms. Sharon Plante's blog "The Road to Learning". My first comment on her blog was to a post titled "Twitter is Google for Educators", and during this post Ms. Plante discussed the impact of Twitter as a
public forum and its uses. This of course was an extremely interesting and well thought out
analysis that I particularly enjoyed. She also went on to discuss at length the various
professional uses within the education field that Twitter allows. Using examples such as
asking for advice with tech troubleshooting and polling for ideas involving education
methods, therefore proving her comparison of Twitter becoming quite similar to Google.
My comment to the post was one of agreement and excitement at the thought of the long
deceased public forum being resurrected in the form of a massively popular virtual
medium. I also purported my interest in the professional connections that could be
made using this tool.

     The second post that I commented on was one called "Educators Field of Dreams: will you come?". This post was about the network of professional contacts and resources that
has been built up and is virtually available to anyone with the advent of technology and the
expansion of global communications. Ms. Plante also went on to describe an issue within
the field of education involving educators that are unwilling to utilize this vast ocean of
assets. In my comment, I once again agreed with Ms. Plante and discussed the
disappointment I felt as an aspiring educator upon hearing that there are those among
the field who do not embrace this miracle of technology that is responsible for the ever
expanding global community.

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