Sunday, October 26, 2014

C4K Summary October

C4K #4
     For C4K #4 I was assigned Ishita whose post was titled The Band Geek and was a short book review, and her review ended in  the book's recommendation.  I commented that Ishita had done quite a good job in summarizing and giving her opinions in regards to the book itself.

C4K #5
     For this commenting session I was given Sophie who had written a post title The 14th Goldfish, which I will not lie was a tad confusing.  The post itself had no relationship to a goldfish but was instead a story about Sophie's grandparents.  However, the story was well crafted, and her grandparents seemed like lovely people.

C4K #6
     This iteration of C4K had me commenting on a young man named Ryan's blog whose latest post was called Baseball.  In summary the post was an interesting story about the final climactic moments of a baseball game, and I was quite amazed at this young man's ability to craft an engaging narrative.

C4K #7
     In my latest C4K, I visited Alizhay's blog and commented on her post titled Music.  Her post was short but detailed and focused on a project that she had recently completed with a classmate.  The project itself was her crafting musical notes out of modeling clay, and there was a picture included denoting their fantastic work.

     All in all, I'd say that it was quite the interesting session of Comments 4 Kids.

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