Sunday, October 12, 2014

Implications and Teaching Opportunities for Camera Use in Teaching and Learning.

Part A

     With the advent of the smart phone, the ability to research and discover has been made handheld and lightning fast.  This revelation has forever changed the role of a teacher from fountain of knowledge to that of research coach and guide.  As a future educator, I understand that children are fully capable of answering virtually any question with a few keystrokes, but as a teacher, it will be my responsibility to mold these students into free-thinkers and self-motivated learners.  They were born into a world in which the tools are readily available, and it is our job to instruct them in their proper uses.

     This exponential increase in the computing power of phones and handheld devices has led to many schools acknowledging this fact and beginning to create curriculum based around this technology.  Many teachers and schools have embraced the use of blogs for classroom discussion as well as the use for iPads in lieu of textbooks.  This new use of technology has encouraged many young learners to embrace education because it is both entertaining and challenging.  If this new technological ideology is followed, then I have no doubt that a new generation of self-propelled learners will come to the forefront.

Part B

     As follows is a list of ideas for lessons to be taught given that all of the involved students are in possession of a smartphone or tablet with a camera:

  • Assign the specific reading material in .pdf form so that they may read it using their smartphone or tablet.
  • Hold a classroom discussion using Padlet in order for the children to formulate their ideas about the written work and then address them with the class as a whole. (RST.11-12.2)
  • Have the students create a video of their interpretation of the events within a novel that would then be shown to the class. (11-12.RST.2)
  • Have the children divide into groups and record a group discussion critiquing a written work and then play them for the class.

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